We are a consulting practice, based in New Zealand, that specialises in corporate conduct strategy. Principal consultant Angus Dale-Jones worked in Australia for over 17 years - see his CV here.

Modern regulatory and governance obligations - and public expectation - demand that Boards demonstrate more than technical compliance with regulations. They need to evidence how they know the business is addressing culture, conduct and customer outcomes.

Knax Consulting helps you to develop a continual assurance framework, centred on corporate conduct, and to put in place relevant assessment methodologies. The aim is not only to confirm that your conduct infrastructure is working as intended but also to serve as a basis to enhance your corporate values and attitudes.

For regulated businesses, the regulator will expect you to have documented your assurance processes in the context of your broader conduct obligations. Inevitably this is challenging - for any but the largest firms - to do in-house. That's because it requires a fresh, independent look at the business and the time to stand back from day-to-day priorities to consider the bigger picture.

More information is available from Angus Dale-Jones on +64 21 038 0035 or at angus@knax.com.au.